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The Dutch DARES foundation is a Emergency communication partner run by Amateur Radio Operators that can be deployed when the telecommunications infrastructure of the regular emergency services has failed or are insufficient. A DARES team operates under the responsibility of a regional and national governement department as well international. DARES is capable of realizing a radio emergency network in a short period of time, providing local and regional, national and international message traffic. speech and experimental radio e-mail. This can be done both independently and in combination with a network partner, including the Ministry of Defense.

DARES co-operates with Ray-net (UK), ARES (USA), Notfunk (DE), B-EARS (BE) and many other Emcomm partners and is a full GAREC member

For more information and contact the board, please send an email to contact (at) dares (.) nl


Board members:


Hans Baardscheer MPM     PE1AAY     Chairman 
Jan Pieter Kraaier     PC0KR     Secretary
Ton Gielen     PA1TGI     Treasurer


Johan Wiegel PD1WGL  Webmanagement
Gerard van Groningen PD0JEW  


Sjaak de Gouw    physician
Wim Visch PG9W DLCC Oestgeest / IARU1 Emergency Communications Coordinator



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Bankgegevens: Stichting DARES * Rekeningnummer: 4839455 * IBAN: NL75INGB0004839455 * BIC: INGBNL2A * Banknaam: ING BANK NV * Kvk Nummer : 28101264